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#पुलाओ #Pulav #Pulao Green Chutney Pulao – Chutney Pulao – हरा भरा पुलाओ

#पुलाओ #Pulav #Pulao Green Chutney Pulao - Chutney Pulao - हरा भरा पुलाओ

Green Chutney Pulao is a spicy and flavorful rice and vegetable pulav/pulao/pilaf infused with flavors of fresh green coriander and mint chutney. It is an excellent dish for a quick meal, a great lunch box option and an easy one-pot dish for any occasion! Paired with a raita, salad or just papad, it makes for a complete and delicious meal for any time. If you have chutney already stocked and have some leftover rice or pulao, making this chutney pulao is all the easier, especially when unexpected guests drop by or when you need to get out of the kitchen fast!
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Crispy Bread Bajji Recipe / Pumpkin chutney / Dates Chutney Recipe | Rusikkalam Vanga | 18/03/2019

Learn to make Crispy Bread Bajji Recipe and Pumpkin chutney and Dates Chutney Recipe


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#Yongchak #StinkBeans #Petai Chutney


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Onions spicy chutney/Andhra style Onion spicy chutney recipe/holla’s kitchen

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Pudine Ki Chutney Recipe
Hello viewer’s this is my dadi easy recipe. in this video you will see how to make pudine ki chatni soo easily in your home, we make this video for those girls who don’t know recipe but try to make ever best delicious tasty food. So please watch this entire video carefully follow the recipe step by step at the end you make your first own tasty pudina chatni which you will use for burger, kabab, pakora & biryani.


About us: Pakistani Food Recipes is a channel where you find all local & traditional indian & pakistani food recipes in urdu with little bit hindi touch. Our all food recipes is homemade with complete ingredients & step by step making process. All credit goes to my Dadi maa who teaching us to making a simple & easy food within minutes, she is the perfect master chef of our home. We upload new recipes video’s on daily basis.

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